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We’re your health partner in Fenton, MO, committed to making a positive impact on our community’s health. But don’t just take our word for it, hear directly from our patients and why they chose Revival Health & Wellness.

I spent months in physical therapy and was still in constant agony. I was scheduled for my 7th nerve block procedure. After starting treatment I was able to walk out of the office without the sciatic pain and buzzing in my leg. It continues to progressively get better and this treatment has been an answer to prayers.

“I came in with severe lower back pain and was unable to walk. I was worried about becoming wheelchair bound and an orthopedic surgeon told me surgery was the next step. I am now off all of the medication I was on, I can walk without pain, I have lost weight, and feeling great!

“I came in with shooting pains down my thigh and I could not walk due to sciatica. With treatment I have been able to walk, drive, and go on vacation!”

“When I first came here I could barely bend over and tie my shoes. I was becoming more and more incapacitated. After 2 months of treatment I can bend over and am in such good shape compared to where I was! I have lost weight, my knees don’t hurt anymore, and I am very happy!”

“Since coming here I have much less pain and have even lowered my medication dosages!”

“I feel 100% better and have lost 20 pounds (Update 68 pounds!), my legs and feet feel better. My knees no longer hurt and my clothes are fitting a lot better. I would recommend it to anyone with any nerve issues or neuropathy!”

“For 5 years I struggled with sciatica and was sent to physical therapy over and over. My leg was killing me constantly and I couldn’t sleep, walk, or stand. I was sitting out of activities with my family and friends. Within a couple weeks of treatment I was not feeling anymore pain. I was not having anymore pain in my leg or my feet.”

“I came in with a lot of scar tissue in my shoulder and extremely limited range of motion due to a fall. I now have full range of motion and can walk without pain!”

“I was experiencing vertigo and was very sick. My medical doctor recommended coming here and since starting care my dizziness and sleep have improved and I overall feel more relaxed. I was never a believer of chiropractic care before but I certainly am now!”


“I suffered from severe migraines and in just 3 weeks I have seen significant improvement. I am relying on less medication and am excited for what the future holds!”

“I had pain in my neck and my low back that was keeping me from working through my 70’s. I am now able to work and have greatly enjoyed the modern approach to chiropractic care.”

“In just 4 weeks I feel 40% better than I did. I can now rotate my head and have overall increased range of motion in my neck!”

“After a car accident I was suffering frequent and severe migraine headaches. Since coming here the frequency of my headaches have decreased and my back feels so much better!”

“I have been coming here for 4-6 weeks now and have noticed an incredible difference. I am now 50% better and I am able to walk and work with better overall quality of life.”

“I am able to get back on pointe which I haven’t been able to do in months and my pain is significantly decreased! I am so thankful!”

“Every morning when I woke up just getting into my sandals just tingling like nobody’s business. There was a fear to get up. Now I just get up in the morning and go! These guys have really helped with my neuropathy.”

“I came in a few months ago with extreme lower back pain wanting to avoid surgery all together. I have been getting decompression therapy with adjustments and am able to go up and down steps and I could not be happier!”

“I was having pain in my upper back and neck and did not have the range of motion I used to. A month into treatment my pain is decreasing in intensity and I am regaining range of motion in my neck. I am feeling pretty good!”

“I have been fighting migraines for 20 years and since starting treatment at revival I have not had a migraine since!”

“I had intense neuropathy in my feet and following treatment I was able to walk across Europe without pain in my feet!”

“I came in with pinching back pain and now a month and a half later I have made a complete turnaround. I am moving better!”

“My back problems were severe when I came in. I am now moving much better and have reduced the amount of medications that I used to rely on.”

“I came in due to an old injury. I never thought I’d have a day without pain but after the first treatment I noticed the difference. I had seen chiropractors and specialist and no one else was able to provide me with relief.”

“I work in a trades job and this place has gotten my back on the right track. I am able to sleep and walk again!”

“I came in with pain and tingling with difficult walking on my feet. My neuropathy has gotten much better!”

“I came in with a lot of pain and could barely move my right shoulder. I wasn’t doing anything around the house and my energy was very low. I am moving much better and able to get a lot more done. Overall, I feel like my health has improved.”

“I had a lot of pain in my lower back and now I have less pain and more mobility. It is easier for me to move and get around.”


“I was in horrible shape and having to pick up socks with my toes. I have been relieved of the pain without medications. I am no longer having vertigo and am sleeping much better! My gut is functioning much better and I no longer have constipation.”

“I suffered from horrible migraines and Crohn’s disease. My migraine frequency has decreased and they are not as intense. I used to have stomach pain to the point of crying and am now able to live my life more comfortably!”


“I am feeling relief from my lumbar spine pain and am able to stand for longer periods without discomfort!”


“I was having trouble walking through the grocery store. I am now able to make it all the way through the store without any problems!”

“I was hesitant about whether or not I could be healed. I feel so blessed to have found Revival and I am feeling much better!”


“My neuropathy was so bad I knew I had to do something. I was having issues with balance and pain in my feet. From then until now, 2 months, I have improved at least 50% with balance, walking, and pain!”


“Spinal decompression has seriously helped my back!”

“I am walking straight again, do not have pain and tingling in my feet, and have lost weight on the diet!”


“I have been struggling with neuropathy in my feet and legs. Since starting treatment my pain is now gone and my exercise ability has increased! I have been able to decrease my blood pressure medication and diabetic medication due to activity. I could not be any happier!”


“Spinal decompression has seriously helped my back!”

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