Frequently Asked Chiropractic and Alternative Health Questions

If you are seeking answers to common queries about chiropractic and alternative health, our page dedicated to frequently asked questions is a valuable resource to draw upon. We have compiled a thorough list of questions that are typically asked by those seeking alternative health solutions, and have provided detailed and informative responses to each one.

You can schedule an appointment or you can take a look through our website to see if the conditions you have are something we can help with.


During the appointment, we will discuss your primary health concerns and goals. If after your appointment we believe we can truly help you, we will advise you on the next step of the process. Expect this appointment to be roughly 45 minutes.

The next step can be different depending on what we feel is necessary for you. We may offer you advice on how you can resolve your issues without undergoing care or you could be referred to another doctor that is more suitable for your condition.

However, the majority of patients are recommended to either take comprehensive tests for further evaluation or to immediately begin treatment.

We will be reviewing your test results and establishing a clear picture of what your goals and expectations are. We will inform you of what our expectations are of you and what it will take for you to reach your goals. We also make sure that you and your family have all of your questions answered before beginning care.


Absolutely not!

We are here to help you solve your health concerns with unique solutions. You are not obligated to pursue any of our treatment options, ever.

If the time to pursue care isn’t right now, we want you to know that we’re ready to help when the timing is right.

We do! We will do a complimentary benefits check for you when you arrive with your card and a form of identification. Some services are covered in our facility, so we will let you know what is covered/not before any costs are incurred. Note: At this time, medical insurance does not pay for care that is deemed wellness or maintenance care.

In most cases your care here will be covered through a FSA or a HSA. However, we recommend you contact your account coordinator to ensure that your plan will cover your expenses.

New Patient Exam: $40 – $75 (We want to make it easy to find out if we can help -$225 value)

2nd Visit Report of Findings: $0 (We will explain your results and provide your options based on your goals- $275 value)


Yes, we work with multiple financing companies to provide monthly payment options to fit most budgets to make care in St. Louis possible for you. Our most popular monthly payment options are:

  • Zero Down Payment & No Interest for 18 Months
  • Zero Down Payment & Low Monthly Payments with Fixed Interest Rate for 60 months

Click HERE to see if you qualify for our financing options to apply

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