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Escape the Bustle at Our New IV Bar
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Revival IV Bar offers a unique spa experience focused on wellness, featuring top-notch IV therapy services delivered by skilled medical and wellness professionals in a serene, spa-inspired setting.

Our clients are drawn to our range of vitamin injections, specialized IV therapy cocktails, and therapuetic treatments. They stay for the calming environment, complete with cozy chairs, tranquil music, and a dedicated staff. Revival IV Bar provides a space for relaxation, rejuvenation, and a refreshing break from daily life.

In our IV therapy spas, your comfort and safety are our priority. We are supported by a medical team of award-winning doctors and nurses with extensive experience. All our services are carried out by the finest registered nurses in the industry.

We have various options to suit your wellness journey, including monthly memberships for ongoing health maintenance, packages for a quick boost, and a customizable IV (BYOIV) service tailored to your specific requirements. While appointments are recommended, we also welcome walk-ins for IV and injection services, especially for those seeking immediate wellness support.

We warmly invite you to take a pause from your busy life and discover the rejuvenating experience at Revival IV Bar.

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Our Services

Ready to Try Our Fenton, MO IV Bar?

IV Therapy at Hydrate IV Bar

Experience wellness in a new light at Revival IV Bar with our exclusive spa menu of vitamin-enriched IV therapy cocktails. Our specialty drips, each containing a liter of saline blended with a variety of nutrients, are tailored to individual needs. Clients have the option to personalize their IV therapy with custom drips and additional fluids. Our signature selections are designed to support areas such as recovery, combating jet lag, boosting immunity, neuropathy, gut health, dealing with altitude sickness, enhancing athletic performance, anti-aging, and promoting overall health.

Vitamin Injections

Beyond IV treatments, we provide a selection of vitamin injections, including B12, MICC, Vitamin D3, Tri-Immune, Alpha Lipoic Acid, L-lysine, and Amino Acid injections. Our team is on hand to assist clients in selecting the best options for their needs. 

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